Information for Orange Belt - 8th Kyu:

Information Required for Orange Belt with One Green Stripe:

 Orange 8 Kyu Rank Test Info.jpg

KIHON or Basics:  The same as Yellow Belt with more blocks and kicks added.  ttps://

Kihon for Novice Students:


TAIKYOKU NIDAN Kata:   Taikyoku Nidan History.JPG

To earn your second green stripe on your belt (8-2 Kyu),  the following are required:

  • A repeat of all requirements for one green stripe on your belt (above)
  • PHYSICAL:  15 push-ups, 15 sit-ups & adults (age 16 +) 15 V's
  • Kihon for Novice Students:
  • KIHON:  Same as above with more blocks and kicks performed.
  • KATA:   A repeat of Taikyoku Sandan which must be an improvement from previous performance.
  • KUMITE:  In this Kumite,  you wrap-up first, then move to block.  Performed here are punches, front kicks and  round kicks.  Each are high and middle.