Information for Yellow Belt - 9th Kyu:

Information Required for Yellow Belt with One Orange Stripe

Yellow 9 Kyu Rank Test Info.jpg     

KIHON:  Basics

PHYSICAL:  15 push-ups & sit-ups

KIHON:     (some more blocks included)

KATA or Forms:

TAIKYOKU SHODAN KATA:   Taikyoku Shodan History.JPG

 Taikyoku-Shodan Kata and Bunkai performed below are by Karateka outside our system, but are similar:

Information for full Yellow Belt or Yellow Belt with Two Orange Stripes

Repeat all the above plus Physical & Kumite

  • Repeating all the above including  Taikyoku Shodan, must be performed better than before.
  • PHYSICAL:    15 push-ups & 15 sit-ups
  • Kihon for Novice Students:
  • KUMITE or Sparring - Wrap-Up first,  don't move when blocking.  Here we are performing punches, front kicks, middle and high.