Information for Orange Belt - 8th Kyu:

Information Required for Orange Belt with One Green Stripe:

 Orange 8 Kyu Rank Test Info.jpg

KIHON or Basics:  The same as Yellow Belt with more blocks and kicks added.  ttps://

Kihon for Novice Students:


TAIKYOKU NIDAN Kata: (our version is a little different from the original version) 

OUR Taikyoku Nidan is performed exactly as Taikyoku Shodan except all punches are directed to the upper level and all END blocks are upper level blocks while down blocks are still down the middle.  It is not unreasonable that Taikyoku Nidan was created simply to emphasize the difference between Jodan and chudan target areas.

Our Taikyoku Nidan Still Pictures:   

To earn your second green stripe on your belt (8-2 Kyu),  the following are required:

  • A repeat of all requirements for one green stripe on your belt (above)
  • PHYSICAL:  15 push-ups, 15 sit-ups & adults (age 16 +) 15 V's
  • Kihon for Novice Students:
  • KIHON:  Same as above with more blocks and kicks performed.
  • KATA:   A repeat of Taikyoku Nidan which must be an improvement from previous performance.
  • KUMITE:  In this Kumite,  you wrap-up first, then move to block.  Performed here are punches, front kicks and  round kicks.  Each are high and middle.