Development of Perry Florida Kenkojuku Karate

For more detailed information on the development of Karate and the origins of Shotokan Kata, especially Kenkojuku - "click" here.    History of Perry Dojo Karate and Kata 2020.pdf

Shotokan - Kenkojuku is a style of Karate developed by Tomosaburo Okano, 1922-2003.  Okano was a direct student of Gichin Funakoshi, Father of Modern Karate. He was given permission in 1942 to start a karate club named Kenkokai Karate-bu in Hachioji Tokyo Japan. The Dojo was named Kenkojuku-Budokan in 1948.

Okano was influenced by both Gichin and Gigo (3rd son) Funakoshi.  The Dojo retained the lineage as well as the name Shotokan and is now one of the oldest and most traditional branches of Shotokan Karate.

Since Tomosaburo Okano's passing, the Kenkojuku Budokan is now run by his son Tomokatsu Okano

Karate Instructors connected to the Perry, Florida Dojo are Joseph Butrim, Ted Raitch, Wayne Wickizer, Charlie Parker,  John Hinken, Koji Sugimoto, Ted Conway and Jimmy Bowden,  all whom have lineage with Kenkojuku.

This Dojo is a founding member of the American Shotokan Karate-do Kenkojuku Alliance in 2013.